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"E.W. Griffith Elementary School "Woodland Creatures" at the top of their Reading List in the school library." - Al
"My niece and nephew love the book and think Aunt L is really their aunt." - Jesse
"The CD is great - you really know how to make the book exciting for the children." - James
"The pictures look just like photographs. My nephews love this book." - Karen
"Perfect For All Young Children. This cute and lovely illustrated book teaching children about finding happiness through sharing. My daughter loved it. She plays the CD at the back of the book all the time. I even gave this book as a baby shower gift.
Reviewed by Lynette Fowlston for Readers' Favorite "Aunt L is a wonderful new author that has written this gorgeous book, Woodland Creatures, for young children ages 4-8. Each page depicts a different woodland animal. The animals in this book are the bunny, grey squirrel, bull frog, chipmunk, garter snake, butterfly, porcupine, blue jay, raccoon, white tailed deer, horned owl, beaver, woodchuck, hawk red fox, opossum, mallard duck, brown bear, badger, river otter, puma and skunk. The book has short, rhyming poems about each animal. Little ones are sure to love not only the poems but the absolutely beautiful illustrations. The butterfly page shows two pretty butterflies and three caterpillars on a tree branch. The poem says, "FLOAT FLOAT FLOAT LOVELY BUTTERFLY SHINING BRIGHT AGAINST THE SKY FROM A CATERPILLAR YOU ARRIVE COLORS AND SHAPES HELP YOU SURVIVE" These are learning poems. This is an excellent book for a baby shower or as a gift for a young child. What I love most about this book is the attached CD. The child can listen to Aunt L read the poem when mom or dad's voice is tired. Preschoolers will love turning the pages of the book as Aunt L reads and soon the preschooler will have memorized each woodland animal and the related poem. This is a definite 5 star paperback book that will grow with your child.

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